Ustav fyziky
Ustav fyziky
Ustav fyziky
Physics, BA1VS1, winter semester 2018/2019, Prof.RNDr.Zdeněk Chobola,CSc.


Kinematics of particle

  1. Motion of particle
  2. Instantaneous velocity
  3. Instantaneous acceleration
  4. Analysis of vector of acceleration
  5. General motion
  6. Uniform circular motion
  7. Circular motion with uniform angular acceleration

Dynamic of particle

  1. Newton´s laws of motion
  2. Solution of equation of motion
  3. Linear harmonic oscillator
  4. Motion in noninertial frame works
  5. Work, Power
  6. Potential energy
  7. Kinetic energy
  8. The law of conservation of mechanical energy
  9. Impulse of force
  10. Moment of force
  11. Moment of momentum
  12. Continuity between moment of force and moment of momentum

Dynamic of rigid body

  1. Mass and momentum of a system of particles, external and internal forces
  2. Moment  of internal forces
  3. Centre of mass
  4. First impulse principle
  5. Second impulse principle
  6. Totally rigid body, force in rigid body
  7. Couples forces
  8. Equilibrium of rigid body
  9. Motion of rigid body
  10. Kinetic energy of rigid body
  11. Moment of inertia
  12. Work and power by circular motion of rigid body
  13. Sliding friction


  1. Pascal´s principle
  2. Hydrostatic pressure
  3. Archimede´s principle
  4. Surface tension
  5. Equation of continuity
  6. Principle of fluid momentum
  7. Bernoulli´s equation


  1. Free harmonic oscillations
  2. Energy of harmonic oscillations
  3. Damped oscillations
  4. Forced oscillations


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