Ustav fyziky
Ustav fyziky
Ustav fyziky
Doc. Ing. Marta Kořenská, CSc.

Department of Physics,
Žižkova 17,
60200 Brno

Workroom:  Z120
Phone: +420 54114 7657
Fax: +420 54114 7666
Personal data :
Born: Žatčany
Private : Brno, Czech Republic
Consultation :
Thursday 13:00 - 13:50 Z120

ReHľadať activities :

Research of acoustic methods (Acoustic Emission,  Impuls-Echo methods, Non-linear acoustic spectroscopy) with particular orientation to diagnostic methods in Civil Engineering. In this field, she published 30 papers in foreign periodicals.Member of the Czech Association for Non-Destructive Testing committee, a chairman of RS 07 regional group committee and member of the editor board of technical journal for civil and mechanical engineering called Konstrukce. She was selected and appointed the member of the Research Board of Supervisors of the American Biographic Institute at Ralegh. Languages:English, Russian.

Pedagogical activities :

Basic course of Physics (theoretical and laboratory exercises)- graduate study, guarantor of Physics I in combined study and supervisor of three inceptors.